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Why ALCHERA Fundraise for Reforestation

ALCHERA is embarking on a fundraising campaign in partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF), reaffirming our dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability. ALCHERA has undertaken a profound mission to safeguard both people and property while taking resolute steps to fulfill our environmental obligations.

The NFF is a distinguished organization with a central focus on the conservation of the United States' national forests. Established with a simple yet profound mission to restore and enhance national forests and grasslands, the NFF unites people in this noble cause.

Forests play a pivotal role in providing drinking water to millions, filtering air pollution, and offering habitat to over 193 million acres of wildlife, making a substantial contribution to environmental conservation. However, these cherished resources face persistent threats from wildfires and environmental challenges.



NFF Reforested Results in 2022 


Supporting Reforestation and Fire Prevention

ALCHERA leads the charge in revolutionizing wildfire prevention and bolstering reforestation efforts. Our cutting-edge AI technology has empowered us to detect and safeguard people and property from the devastating impacts of wildfires.

ALCHERA's early wildfire detection AI solution, FireScout, seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art AI algorithms with real-time weather data to identify wildfires with unparalleled precision. It operates with exceptional accuracy, stability, and efficiency, garnering endorsements from government agencies and energy companies worldwide to prevent wildfires. When it detects anomalies like smoke, AI swiftly analyzes CCTV footage to confirm the presence of a fire and alert wildfire monitoring centers. While the world focuses on wildfire mitigation, we recognize that not all wildfires can be prevented from igniting and spreading. In response, ALCHERA proudly collaborates with NFF with ambitious plans to plant thousands of trees.


This commitment underscores our shared mission to create healthier landscapes, with one of the most significant aspects being the pledge to plant thousands of trees where they are needed most. These efforts not only promote ecosystem restoration but also play a pivotal role in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

The essence of our fundraising campaign is to support NFF in tree planting, ultimately replacing those lost due to wildfires, diseases, and insects. With each dollar contributed, a tree will be planted, underscoring our collective effort to rejuvenate these essential public spaces.

Planting trees will promote CO2 absorption and bolster our response to climate change. Trees contribute to the absorption and storage of CO2, thus positively impacting the environment. A single tree can absorb around 8 kg of CO2 annually, and a 1-hectare forest can absorb 11 tons of CO2 each year, equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 5.7 passenger cars.


Planting Trees for a Greener Tomorrow

We're taking a significant step by partnering with NFF to plant thousands of trees, reflecting our shared mission to create healthier ecosystems and combat climate change. Tree planting is ecological restoration and a stride toward a greener world.

Your participation in our campaign is essential. Every dollar you contribute directly helps NFF replace trees lost to wildfires, diseases, and insects. Your small or large contribution aids in reforesting these critical spaces.

Dedicated to environmental preservation and a sustainable future? Join us. With ALCHERA, you can make a tangible impact on preserving national forests, supporting sustainability, and ensuring a greener, healthier planet. Together, we make a significant difference.



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