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Why Visual AI

Why is Visual AI Technology Necessary
for the Environment?

    • In 2023, 596 cases of wildfires,
      causing damage to 4,992 hectares
      On average, over the past 10 years, there have been 537 cases of wildfires annually, with an average damage area of 4,004 hectares. Notably, in 2022, there was a peak of 756 wildfire incidents, leaving a massive damage area of 24,797 hectares. The consistently occurring wildfires can be detected through visual AI.
    • In 2023, an average of 60 patient safety incidents occurred daily.
      Among these, fall accidents accounted for 31,755 cases, making up 43% (an average of 18.7 incidents per day). In the context of 60 patient safety incidents happening on average every day, ALCHERA's Visual AI can monitor the environment of patients and the overall medical setting in real-time within healthcare facilities. Through this, medical staff can quickly detect incidents and take appropriate action.

Video Recognition AI Solutions for the Environment

Nature Conservation

  • Early Detection of Wildfires
  • Cultural Heritage Protection

Social Protection

  • Early Detection of Fires
  • Crowd Density Detection
  • Healthcare

Visual AI for Nature Conservation

    • By applying ALCHERA's Visual AI Technology to existing CCTV cameras, it's possible to early detect smoke from wildfires, thereby preventing large-scale wildfires.
    • ALCHERA's technology can be applied to CCTV cameras around cultural heritage sites for detecting fire and suspicious behavior, contributing to the protection of cultural heritage.

Visual AI for Social Protection

    • ALCHERA's Visual AI Technology can minimize the damage from large fires in places such as tunnels, warehouses, and electric vehicle charging stations, where fire prevention is crucial.
    • By detecting behaviors and predicting movements indoors and outdoors, ALCHERA's technology enables the swift detection of crowd density, allowing for proactive responses. This ensures the maintenance of a safe environment and enables close situation management.
    • Visual AI Technology can be utilized to enhance the safety of patients or elderly individuals in hospitals, medical facilities, or residential spaces. Detecting situations such as slumping, falling, or slipping, enables the implementation of services for prompt response during emergency situations.

Create Safe Infrastructure
Through Visual AI

environment Benefit secure Infrastructure
Preventing Large-scale Disasters Through Early Detection
environment Benefit secure Infrastructure_2
Creating Safe Infrastructure from Accidents
environment Benefit secure Infrastructure 3
Reducing Anxiety Over Casualties and Disasters


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Wildfire Detection AI Solution, FireScout

environment Solution forest fire detection

FireScout is a SaaS-based product that connects monitoring cameras and ALCHERA AI engine servers over a network to provide a wildfire detection AI solution capable of detecting smoke in its early stages. It accurately detects ignition smoke and sends real-time detection alerts immediately upon detection.

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