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Why Visual AI

Why is Visual AI Neccessary
for Mobile Carrier

    • A new type of fraudulent loan, using altered or forged identification to open mobile phone accounts, followed by opening bank accounts remotely and obtaining loans, has emerged. To prevent remote financial fraud, verification of the authenticity of identification and facial recognition are necessary.
    • Telephone financial fraud cases reached 1,696, with damages totaling 40.4 billion won (as of November 2022).
      To prevent phone financial fraud using illegal phones, introducing visual recognition AI can add additional security measures such as facial recognition during mobile phone registration to prevent false registrations.

Integrated AI Solution
for Mobile Carrier

Non-face-to-face Transaction Authentication

  • Face Authentication
  • ID Authentication

Safe Shop Management

  • Segregation Management of Biometric Data
  • Local Network and User Workspace Security
  • Access Control

Non-face-to-face Transaction Authentication for Mobile Carriers

ALCHERA's face recognition AI technology enables secure internal security management for telecommunications companies, where security is paramount.

    • Face Recognition
      Through real-time facial scanning, it is possible to accurately and conveniently authenticate whether the person matches the image on the identification card.
    • Face Liveness
      ALCHERA's Anti-Spoofing technology enables real-time detection of any tampering with the selfie.
    • ID OCR
      Automated extraction of text and image information during ID recognition, with automatic masking of sensitive data.
      OCR: Optical Character Recognition
    • ID SSA
      When verifying ID through non-face-to-face transactions, it is possible to identify forged or altered ID cards, such as printed or photographed copies.
      SSA: Single Shot Authentication
    • ID Verification
      Verification of ID authenticity by comparing ID photos and text with registered information in financial networks and public databases.

Internal Security Management
within the Mobile Carrier

ALCHERA's Face Recognition AI Technology enables secure internal security management for Mobile Carrier, where security is paramount.

    • Self-authentication through facial recognition utilizes information on facial feature points. The information on facial feature points is stored in a distributed manner, and identity verification is performed by matching the combined information only at the time of authentication. The distributed storage method for facial information can prevent personal data breaches due to hacking.
    • FIDO2-based Login
      Facial authentication combined with security tokens provides a secure login experience.
    • Window Hello Login
      Security can be enhanced by utilizing a hardware-based secure facial authentication platform.
    • Agent-based MFA Login
      Security can be enhanced by additionally utilizing various authentication methods such as fingerprints and PINs along with facial recognition.
      MFA: Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Authorized and Unauthorized Access Control
      Access to specific areas can be set to allow entry only for authorized individuals through facial recognition.
    • Attendance Management
      By integrating registered facial information with the human resources management system, working hours can be automatically recorded, enabling effective attendance management.

All-in-one Management
for Mobile Carriers through Visual AI

Benefit 1
Integrated ID Verification Solution Provider
  • Providing a Full Line-up solution from OCR, ID copy detection, ID verification, to face authentication.
  • Convenient authentication process with automatic shooting and image preprocessing features.
  • The top South Korean company for building a facial recognition-based passport information management system.
Benefit 1-2
Flawless Stability with High Performance and Security
  • Performance verification with 99% accuracy within 1 second.
  • The only company in South Korea that has passed the Financial Payment Services' 1:1 matching and liveness evaluation.
  • The only company providing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' passport photo authenticity verification service to the financial sector.
Benefit 1-3
Convenient and Secure Internal Security Management
  • Customized business solutions provided through proprietary facial recognition technology developed in-house.
  • Enhanced internal information access security by integrating facial authentication with various login platforms.
  • Performance guaranteed across diverse platforms. (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.)

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