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Why Visual AI

Why is Visual AI Needed at Airports?

    • Passenger performance at Incheon Airport increased by 2.1 times in 2023 compared to 2022.
      With the surge in passenger demand, video recognition AI can be effectively utilized to strengthen security and reduce congestion through facial recognition boarding checks, thereby improving the system.
    • Predicted reduction in check-in time by 10% and boarding by about 40% with the introduction of biometric departure services.
      The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has predicted that the time taken for check-in can decrease by 10% and boarding by about 40% with the adoption of biometric departure services such as facial recognition. By implementing ALCHERA's facial recognition AI technology, smooth airport operations can be supported even during peak seasons, and passenger convenience can be dramatically improved.
    • In the event of a shortage of response staff within the airport due to the surge in passenger demand, video recognition AI can be utilized to automatically monitor various areas and detect abnormal situations and behavior, thus strengthening security and reducing response times.

Integrated AI Solutions
for Airports and Passengers

Airport Passenger Services

  • Face Registration
  • Face Recognition for Baggage Check-In
  • Face Recognition Entry to Departure Hall
  • Face Recognition for Boarding

Airport Security Services

  • Access Management
  • Abnormal Behavior Detection
  • Security Control

    Unboarded Passenger Check

  • Security Control

    Finding Lost Children


Airport Passenger Services

With just a single registration of facial information, passengers can automatically verify their identity at the departure airport and use various services such as security checks, procedures, and boarding for the next 5 years.

  • government Scenario Airport Service
    government Scenario Airport Service
    Face Registration

    Register your facial information using a mobile app or self-check-in kiosks at the airport.

  • government Scenario Airport Service 2
    government Scenario Airport Service 2
    Face Recognition for
    Baggage Check-In

    Baggage check-in, which used to be conducted face-to-face with passport and boarding pass verification, can now be performed non-face-to-face through face recognition.

  • government Scenario Airport Service 3
    government Scenario Airport Service 3
    Face Recognition Entry
    to Departure Hall

    Entering the departure hall through facial recognition allows passengers to experience a fast departure process without long waits.

  • government Scenario Airport Service 4
    government Scenario Airport Service 4
    Face Recognition
    for Boarding

    Boarding the aircraft with face recognition allows passengers to experience a quick boarding process without long waits.


Airport Security Services

A strengthened security system can be established with visual AI technology.

    • Security Zone Access Control
      Accessible areas can be set according to position and duties based on registered facial information and employee data, safely controlling access to security zones
    • Attendance Management
      Real-time access and attendance status can be verified through facial recognition, enabling efficient and accurate employee attendance management.
    • Accident Detection
      If an emergency patient or safety accident is detected within the airport, an alert can be sent to the manager for a quick response.
    • Dangerous Individual Detection
      Dangerous individuals are detected through specific behavior patterns or facial recognition. Real-time monitoring of their presence and tracking their movement allows for the prevention of risks in advance and swift response.
    • Unboarded Passenger Check
      and Finding Lost Children
      The movement of passengers within the airport can be tracked in real-time, enabling the location of non-boarding customers and lost children to be quickly identified, facilitating prompt responses to emergencies or accidents

Building a Convenient and Safe Airport
Infrastructure with Visual AI

airport Benefit
Strengthening Aviation Security and Enhancing Airport Operational Efficiency
  • Replacing manual travel document checks with facial recognition AI technology strengthens aviation security and improves airport operational efficiency.
airport Benefit 2
Improving Passenger Satisfaction by Reducing Waiting Times
  • Facial recognition departure processes enable quick, non-face-to-face boarding procedures, reducing the time to pass through departure gates and enhancing passenger satisfaction.
airport Benefit 3
Innovating Airport Services with Face Recognition
  • When facial recognition technology is applied to the overall airport experience (duty-free shops, airline services, etc.), it enables contactless payment and the provision of personalized services.


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