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ID Verification

The Most Perfect Solution
for Preventing Financial
Fraud, Experience the ID
Authentication AI Solution

ALCHERA's ID Authentication AI solution verifies the authenticity of the presented identification and detects any alterations in the document copy provided by the user. With this high-precision ID Authentication AI solution, we create a secure environment for non-face-to-face financial transactions.

id verification experience

Check out ALCHERA's AI Technology,
Ready for Immediate Application
in Your Business

  • OCR

    OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology automatically extracts images and text from identification documents using an optical character recognition engine, with sensitive information automatically masked for security purposes.

  • ID Verification

    Extracted identification document images and text are compared and verified against information registered with government agencies through the dedicated communication network of the Financial Payment Network to determine their authenticity.

  • ID Copy Detection

    It identifies various counterfeit identification documents, including printed IDs,
    pre-captured IDs, forged plastic IDs,
    and IDs with attached photos.


ALCHERA's ID Authentication AI Solution
for Secure Non-face-to-face Financial

Fast and Accurate OCR
Recognition Rate with Image Preprocessing Patent Technology

Applied Model in T Corporation's App Used by 20 Million People in Korea with a Recognition Rate of 97% within 1 Second

Quick and Accurate
Authentication of Various Identification Cards

The Only Company Providing Passport Photo Verification Service from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Financial Sector

The Only Provider of Integrated
Non-Face-to-Face Authentication
Solutions in Korea

Offering a full lineup of solutions from OCR, ID document copy verification, and ID authentication to facial authentication.


Joint System Solution for
ID Authentication: System Configuration

face verification processface verification process