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Detecting Environmental Anomalies

Anomaly Analysis is the field of early fire detection through smoke/flame detection in an input image. The Anomaly Analysis Lab is currently monitoring the wildland environment of California and Australia, collecting 2.5 million images per day and is continuously improving the AI performance through the re-learning of both positive and negative detection results.

Pioneering AI Wildfire Detection

Wildfire detection at 99% accuracy

Successful wildfire detection from 73,442 images from among a database of 74,146 images of actual wildfire events.

False positive rate (FPR) of 0.0011

Exceptionally low likelihood of detecting non-fire events as wildfire.

Exceeding the Performance of
Human Eyes

Wildfire Detection

Detects early stages of wildfire from a visual input (RGB/IR) of an outdoor wildland environment. The algorithm detects smoke in RGB images and flame in IR images during both day and night.

Continual Learning System

The AI model is continuously being improved with visual input data that is collected from active CCTV networks located across California and Australia. The application of an AI model creates an inflow of new data that includes error data from both false-negatives and false-positives. The Anomaly Analysis Lab studies not only ways in which errors may be detected automatically via Active Learning, but also ways that let the AI model learn from errors more effectively via Continual Learning.

Application of Anomaly Analysis


Early wildfire
detection(smoke) technology through real-time video input