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Build a Fast and Secure Face Recognition-based Access Control

Experience an efficient and highly secure solution that addresses the drawbacks of traditional access control systems with our face recognition-based access management AI solution. It can be installed on any device with a camera (such as smartphones, tablets) and seamlessly integrated with entry points


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  • Walk-through Face Recognition

    Walk-through face recognition enables user identification without contact, allowing entry without additional authentication even from a distance.

  • Access Control

    Access control allows only authorized individuals to enter specific areas through face recognition technology.

  • Attendance Management

    Through Face Authentication, real-time access status and attendance records can be monitored, allowing for efficient and accurate employee attendance management through integration with the HR system.


Safe and Convenient Access Control
with Face Recognition

Large-Scale Access Management Made Easy with Rapid Face Recognition

1:1 matching in 50 microseconds, and 1:N matching for 2 million individuals completed within 1 second.

Forgery and Fraud-Free Access Management with Face Recognition

Compared to traditional card tagging methods, face recognition eliminates concerns about card loss or theft, enabling the establishment of a more secure access process.

Flexible Scalability, Easy Integration

Easily expandable via API to accommodate user volume and usage scenarios, and seamlessly integrates with any device equipped with a camera.


Access Control Solution System Configuration

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