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Why Visual AI

Why Should AI be Utilized
in a Retail Environment?

    • With the annual increase in the number of unmanned stores, theft crimes are also on the rise. Such theft crimes can be prevented by detecting abnormal behaviors through video recognition AI solutions, which then alert the managers.
    • According to a survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF), 28.5% of retail store losses are due to employee and in-store customer theft. To prevent this, the use of video recognition AI can minimize the risk of theft, from managing employee access to detecting abnormal behavior.

Integrated AI Solution
for Retail and Distribution

and Employee Management

  • Access Control
  • Face Pay
  • Customer Management System

Safe Shop Management

  • Anomaly Detection

    Theft Detection

  • Anomaly Detection

    Accident Detection

  • Fire Detection

Customer and Employee Management

Enhanced security and convenient management systems can be established through face recognition technology, including access management, face payment, and customer management systems.

    • Authorized and Unauthorized Access Control
      Access to specific areas can be set to allow entry only for authorized individuals through facial recognition.
    • Attendance Management
      Through facial recognition, real-time access status and attendance information can be checked, enabling efficient and accurate employee attendance management.
    • Credit cards and face information can be linked, and by applying face recognition technology to kiosks, payments can be made easily without the need for a physical card or cash. In unmanned stores, the sale of alcohol and tobacco can be regulated through non-face-to-Face Authentication, restricting transactions by minors and creating a safe distribution environment.
    • Customer Information and Visit Alerts
      Through web/app interfaces, when customers with registered facial information visit, their basic information and store visit frequency are checked. Visit alerts are sent to administrators, supporting efficient customer engagement.
    • Personalized Customer Marketing
      Using facial recognition at kiosks, customers are identified, enabling tailored events and information delivery, facilitating effective marketing strategies.

Safe Store Management

By ALCHERA's visual AI technology, convenient and secure store management is achievable. This innovative solution ensures a safer and more efficient shopping environment through advanced monitoring and real-time detection capabilities.

    • Theft Detection
      By detecting theft behaviors of customers and employees within the store, notifications can be sent to managers to prevent theft incidents.
    • Accident Detection
      Detecting emergency patients or safety accidents within the store enables swift response by sending notifications to managers.
    • Through CCTV, fires inside and outside the store can be detected early, enabling swift response and prevention in emergency situations.

Using Visual AI Technology
for Smart Store Operations

retail Scenario Benefit
Smart Store Operations
Using Visual AI
  • Replacing manual travel document checks with facial recognition AI technology strengthens aviation security and improves airport operational efficiency.
retail Scenario Benefit 2
Creating a Safe and Trustworthy Store Environment
  • Providing Immediate Alerts for Real-time Theft and Anomaly Detection Minimizing Damage through Alarm Notifications for Emergency Situations such as Indoor Fires.
retail Scenario Benefit 3
Customizable Service Offerings to Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Analyzing customer behavior patterns to optimize product placement and inventory management per shelf Facilitating easy payments solely through facial recognition (Face Pay) without the hassle of traditional payment processes.

ALCHERA Access Control AI Solution

retail Solution access control
Access Control AI Solution

An access control AI solution based on facial recognition, installable on all devices equipped with cameras (such as smartphones, tablets), and easily integratable with entry points. Experience an efficient and highly secure solution that addresses the drawbacks of traditional access control systems.

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