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AI for Our Environmental Protection

Be prepared always to response and mitigate risk

Our AI smoke detection solution helps to prepare for an emergency 24 hours by processing millions of images in real-time looking for signs of smoke from wildfire.

Protect lives with the proactive monitoring system

Our goal is to provide preparedness support before and after an emergency through optimized real-time alerts, and situation analysis through playback before the detection.

Experience seamless integration with your emergency response process

Alchera’s cloud-based system seamlessly integrates into the existing emergency response process with no additional onsite installation.

AI Smoke Detection Solution for
Actionable Readiness

FireScout is a wildfire detection AI solution that detects the early stages of smoke through a network of fire watch cameras 24/7. FireScout provides preparedness support, real-time smoke detection alerts, and enhanced situational awareness with the most connected wildfire detection AI that integrates seamlessly into any existing emergency response process.

Why FireScout?

Verified Smoke and Fire Detection AI

Market-proven false positive rate and accuracy

FireScout has already been implemented into the existing, growing network of one thousand fire watch cameras. With a unique and robust dataset, it allows continuous data enrichment of an AI engine, thus ensuring the market-leading accuracy and false positive rate.

Advance features for night mode and smoke direction estimation

In addition to daytime detection, night detection is also available using IR cameras (91% accuracy). Furthermore, FireScout provides a smoke detection direction estimation with cardinal direction and degrees helping the operation to respond to the scene faster.

Camera agnostic cloud-based SaaS model

The cloud-based SaaS solution enables you to connect any number of cameras and requires no additional onsite installation.


A Simple Yet Highly Effective Process

A simple 4-step process provides wildfire detection in under 1 minute, while the continual deep learning system also allows for ongoing improvement and model customization. Alchera’s FireScout is implemented to existing surveillance cameras for 24-hour monitoring of the community. When the AI cloud confirms the detection of smoke, it immediately alerts operators.

Key Features
    • Detect smoke and fires 24 hours using the IR camera, the only night detection available in the market.
    • Real-time alerts in Monitor Mode with both audible and visual effects or via text and email
    • Smoke direction estimates with cardinal directions and degrees.
    • Categorize alerts and generate reports based on event type.
    • View recent and historical detections by date or camera type.

Wildland Surveillance

Our solution is applicable to communities in need of wildfire monitoring.

First Responders

Utilities Facility

Government Agencies

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