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Why Visual AI

Why is Visual AI Neccessary
for Government and Public Institutions?

    • Face recognition gates, 30% reduction in commuting time
      With gates that confirm identity through face recognition, without the need for ID tags, commuting time can be shortened. As a result of piloting face recognition gates at the Sejong Government Complex, it was reported that commuting time was reduced by 30%.
    • The Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT) has devised a plan to strengthen autonomous internal control systems.
      Visual AI can be effectively utilized in various aspects of enhancing internal control, including access control and security reinforcement.

Integrated AI Solutions
for Government and Public Institutions

Customer Service

  • Walk-through Access
  • Attendance Management
  • Integration of Entry Registration and Gates
  • Use of Unmanned Facilities

Internal Control

  • Segregation Management of Biometric Data
  • Local Network and User Workspace Security
  • Access Control

Government and Public Institutions
Access Control

Face recognition enables fast and secure access control and efficient attendance management.

    • Simple Face Registration
      Users can easily register their faces and identity information.
    • Hardware (Gate) Integration
      Easily integrate with all types of edge devices and expand according to the number of users and usage scope using APIs.
    • Users can be identified solely through face recognition without contact, allowing for access without separate authentication even from a distance.
    • Real-time Access Status
      Check the access list within the facility in real-time.
    • Attendance Status Check
      Display each individual report by creating a dashboard, and easily manage working hours by setting groups by date and period.
    • Face Pay
      Real-time extraction of facial features at a kiosk allows for the establishment of a self-verification and payment system by matching them with a registered face databas

Internal Control
in Government and Public Institutions

Building a secure internal control system through the distributed storage of facial recognition biometrics.

    • Self-authentication through facial recognition utilizes information on facial feature points. The information on facial feature points is stored in a distributed manner, and identity verification is performed by matching the combined information only at the time of authentication. The distributed storage method for facial information can prevent personal data breaches due to hacking.
    • FIDO2-based Login
      Facial authentication combined with security tokens provides a secure login experience.
    • Window Hello Login
      Security can be enhanced by utilizing a hardware-based secure facial authentication platform.
    • Agent-based MFA Login
      Security can be enhanced by additionally utilizing various authentication methods such as fingerprints and PINs along with facial recognition. MFA: Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Authorized and Unauthorized Access Control
      Access to specific areas can be set to allow entry only for authorized individuals through facial recognition.
    • Attendance Management
      By integrating registered facial information with the human resources management system, working hours can be automatically recorded, enabling effective attendance management.

Easily Access Control Through
Face Recognition and Reinforce
Internal Control

government Benefit
Efficient and Accurate Access Management
  • Resolving commuting bottlenecks through Walk-through access.
  • Saving unnecessary manpower and costs such as card issuance.
  • Easily expanding the system using cloud-based web service APIs according to the number of users or usage scope.
government Benefit 2
Enhanced Internal Control
and Security
  • Integrating face recognition with various login platforms to enhance internal information access security.
  • Strengthening security through reducing theft and forgery of government official IDs, dual authentication, and more.
government Benefit 3
Enhanced Internal Controls
and Security
  • Providing customized solutions with in-house developed face recognition core technology.
  • Enhancing security with multi-factor authentication support, detection of duplicate and unauthorized access.
  • Guaranteeing performance across various platforms. (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.)


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