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Face Authentication

face verification AI solution Experience
ALCHERA Face Recognition
1st in NIST FRVT
in South Korea

Face Authentication, using AI-driven face recognition, verifies identity by identifying unique facial features. It ensures secure and accurate user identification for quick real-time verification.


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  • Face Liveness

    Face Liveness detection prevents the risk of fraudulent authentication through masks, photos, or other means by discerning the authenticity of the face, ensuring it belongs to a real person.

  • Face Matching

    Facial recognition-based authentication utilizes facial feature points. These extracted facial feature points are compared with pre-registered facial information to verify the identity of the individual.

  • Face Recognition for
    Internal Control

    Facial recognition supports secure internal control from logging into work PCs to accessing secure areas.


ALCHERA's Face Authentication AI
Solution Boasts the Highest Face
Recognition Accuracy in the Industry

iBeta, the First in South Korea, Passes the Passive PAD Test

The first in South Korea to pass the Passive method's tampering detection performance test.

Recognizes Various Facial changes with High Accuracy

Over 20 years of aging, wearing glasses, and masks result in a 99.9% recognition accuracy.

Face Recognition Test Ranked 1st in South Korea in NIST FRVT

Leading technology in South Korea, ranking 1st in two categories of the world's largest face recognition test, NIST FRVT.

Cross Platform Available

Supports macOS, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. Compatible with PCs, servers, and mobile devices.

Face Recognition Accuracy 99.99%

ALCHERA's Face Recognition SDK boasts a high recognition rate of 99.9%.

Secure Face Authentication through Segregation Management of Biometric Data

ALCHERA obtains Segregation Management of Biometric Data Certification issued by KFTC Institute.


Face Authentication Solution System Configuration

face verification processface verification process