Face Recognition Application Programming Interface by ALCHERA

FACE TRUST API is a complete interface for the operation of face recognition and more. With just a few lines of codes that we provide, you can bring fully functioning face recognition to your own service. FACE TRUST API will empower you and your service with the most up-to-date face detection and matching technologies.

No Extensive Development Required


Experience the guaranteed 99.99% accuracy from one of the top rankers at the NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test, even when people are wearing facial masks.

Safe & Secure

Build your service with the high security offered by our cutting-edge face recognition technology with an AI model that is identical to that used in our ALCHERA AI solutions.


1:1 matching only takes 1/500,000 second and 1:N matching in a database of 200 million people can be completed in under 1 second.

Simple & Easy

FACE TRUST API is a SaaS product that allows you to use all the features of face recognition without much need for development. Simply add a few codes and connect to our cloud servers.

How It Works

Customize Your Own Package

Depending on your edge device spec, desired speed, and capability to develop,
you can decide on the scope of features that are supported by FACE TRUST API.

  • Face Detection and Face Matching with FACE TRUST API : If you wish to minimize your development hours, you could choose to conduct everything in ALCHERA’s cloud servers. In which case, the only job that needs to be done at your edge devices will be to take and send images to our cloud servers, which will then do the rest to detect and recognize faces from the images received.
  • Face Detection with FACE TRUST SDK, Face Matching with FACE TRUST API : If you have development capabilities and wish to make face recognition even faster, you could choose to develop and integrate face detection, landmark detection, and face alignment into your application using FACE TRUST SDK, and then use FACE TRUST API to connect to ALCHERA’s cloud servers for the remaining features.

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