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Full-Stack AI Company Capable of Providing Total AI Services End-to-End

ALCHERA is a ‘Full-Stack’ AI company that can collect and label large volumes of new data at its own data centers in Korea and Vietnam. With around 20,000 items of high-quality image data being processed every day, ALCHERA’s AI engine and data expertise have gained a hard-to-imitate competitive advantage in the AI industry.

ALCHERA Data Science Division

In order to provide high quality data services to our trusting clients, ALCHERA’s Data Science Team established its Data Science Division as a separate business division in January 2021. Due to the division’s long history of work with ALCHERA’s AI model, ALCHERA DS knows and understands which client needs which type of data better than anyone else.


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AI Data Building Total Service

AI data building consists of 5 steps: collection, processing, annotation, inspection and the final dataset. Based on professionalism together with a deeper understanding of AI, the ALCHERA DS division is the best at providing speed, quality, and security. In particular, the division has demonstrated and earned a sense of trust from a lot of clients with a customer churn rate that has been maintained at zero.

Data Collection
Data Purification
Data Processing
Data Inspection
AI Modeling

Data Annotation Solution

The ALCHERA DS division provides a total solution toolkit for data processing. Specifically, this means that corporates are able to label their data quickly and easily. It is also possible for the performance of AI modelling to be improved by updating the data on a regular basis. If, on occasion, a special need arises, the ALCHERA DS division is also capable of building a solution in a customized environment or can offer pre-processing using a verified AI algorithm. By reducing both time and cost, corporates have the power to build and process their dataset efficiently.

Professional Labler Dispatching Service

A lot of clients run into a range of difficulties when engaging with external agencies due to security issues. In these cases, the ALCHERA DS division is always prepared to dispatch professional on-site labelers for data building and processing. Instead of recruiting and training new employees, clients can save resources simply by employing our experienced and skilled data labelers.

Professionals at Building Mass Data

Now in charge of AI data building for deep learning purposes, the ALCHERA DS division has 30 data-building professionals in Korea and 70 supervisors in Vietnam working full-time to ensure the absolute best in dataset production.

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