AI Identity Verification Solution

Ensure seamless onboarding
with top-class security

Protect Your Business, Save Resources,
and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Effortless end-user experience

Give your customers the freedom they need from complex and time-consuming ID verification processes with our AI-powered ID solution, which makes onboarding and repeat verification so much easier. A streamlined customer journey means higher rates of conversion.

Rapid implementation

Achieve a high level of responsiveness to new AML regulations. There is no longer any need to employ a new team of developers or come up with a labor-intensive KYC process. After a quick and simple setup process, your service will be the most up to date both legally and technologically.

Efficient resource allocation

Reduce the ID verification related workload and free up your resources. The best part of deep learning is that it finds the best way to automate most of the work that is normally done manually helping you save both money and time. Reallocate your resources now to create extra value.

How it Works

Seamless Onboarding and Top-class Security
with the AI ID Verification Solution

AIIR ID is an AI identity verification solution optimized for eKYC practices in the financial industry.
With ALCHERA’s state-of-the-art anti-spoofing technology, AIIR ID guarantees top-class security
by checking whether an ID card is authentic and whether the owner of the card is physically present
at the time of capture. You can onboard your end-users seamlessly and protect your business
from the ever-evolving fraud attacks.

  • User Information Input

    The user types in his or her account information.

  • OCR

    The user takes a picture of his or her ID card, which is then digitalized by OCR engine so that the information can be compared to that which is stored in the government database.

  • Liveness & Face Match

    The user takes a photograph of themselves to which ALCHERA’s anti-spoofing is then applied to check liveness. The face image then undergoes face detection and matching for comparison to the face image in the scanned ID card.

  • Completion of ID Verification

    Verification is completed.


The Next Generation
Know-Your-Customer Solution

Precise yet rapid face recognition

The highly developed AI engine allows for verification that is more rapid and precise compared to conventional measures.

Powerful anti-spoofing

AIIR ID can prevent identity theft attempts through the use of a variety of camera devices including IR, 3D Depth, and RGB cameras.

Enhanced protection of private information

Face feature data is encrypted and stored in a distributed storage system to prevent the leakage of personal information.

    • Extraction of text information and automated masking of sensitive private information.
    • Web pages that render well at all devices and platforms.
    • Automated acceptance or rejection based on the similarity index of a photograph and ID card image.
    • Manual approval by cross-examining a photograph and ID card picture.
    • Review of cases that are either automatically or manually approved/rejected.

Applicable Scenarios

Registered peer-to-peer lending companies seeking to implement KYC processes

Financial institutions with AML duties seeking to implement KYC processes

Cryptocurrency exchanges that need to comply with Act On Reporting And Using Specified Financial Transaction Information


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  • [Features] What is the scope in terms of development support?

    All our major services are provided in the form of API, SDK, and SaaS, with API and sample codes being directly

    integratable with your frontend service. For the ease of development, we also provide documents specifying integration