We are waiting for colleagues
to build a better society
with AI technology.

The Way We Work

ALCHERA focus on maximizing employee’s work efficiency. Free working clothes, office hours, and an open working environment allow employees to be creative and innovative.

We provide an office space that allows free communication and a motion desk that considers the individual’s body shape.

You can freely plan out your weekly office hour. The time you come and leave the office does not matter unless it fits the required working hours.

We provide monthly support money to our employees to help them engage in hobbies and improve themselves.

We are multigenerational and multicultural company with diverse employees. We respect diversity inside the team.

For Your Work and Life Balance

With Co-Workers

, (Comma)

You are free to rest in the massage room to soothe tired mind and body.

+, −, ×, ÷

You can work in a focus room where our employees can add, subtract, divide, and multiply their ideas.

Horizontal Communication

ALCHERA aims for horizontal communication with mutual respect. We call names, trying to respect both Korean and Global culture for better communication.

With Family

Health Check-up

We support regular health check-ups for the health of employees and their families.

Congratulations & Condolences

We pay the highest level of congratulatory money to our employees and their families for marriage, childbirth, and birthdays.

School Expenses

We support school expenses from kindergarten to university for our employees’ children.