AX Hosts Korean Delegation, Strengthening Global Wildfire Management & Disaster Response

[Michael Plaksin, AX VP of Sales & Marketing, co-hosting the Korean Delegation
at REDCOM Facilities in Sonoma County.]

Sonoma County, California - We are pleased to announce that AX, in collaboration with Sonoma County and the REDCOM center, has once again welcomed a delegation from South Korea for the second time this year. Building upon South Korean Minister Lee’s previous visit with 16 other officials from the Ministry of Interior and Safety as part of his delegation, which took place this past February, this South Korean delegation, led by Deputy Manager ByeongKwan Song, joined hands with local experts to explore innovative strategies for addressing the pressing issue of wildfires in their region.

The delegation from South Korea featured several representatives from the Information Policy Division and the Forest Fire Center Department of the Gangwon State Office. Their visit to Sonoma County offered a unique opportunity to observe firsthand how emergency situations, particularly those related to wildfire management, are effectively handled in the region.

During their visit, the delegation engaged in the following activities:

  • A comprehensive tour of the REDCOM Center's cutting-edge facilities.
  • In-depth discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions with local emergency response experts and officials.
  • Real-time observation of emergency response operations.
  • Exploration of the strategies and technologies employed by Sonoma County and REDCOM to manage emergency situations efficiently.

[The Korean Delegation being given a grand tour of the REDCOM Facilities
starting from the lobby of the Sheriff’s Department within Sonoma County.]

In a testament to AX's unwavering commitment to wildfire detection and its state-of-the-art technology, the South Korean Delegation made a resolute decision. After conducting extensive research on various AI companies, they previously chose to allocate a budget for the exclusive use of the FireScout SaaS (Software as a Service) AI program.

Michael Plaksin, VP of Sales and Marketing at AX, stated, "Their choice is a confirmation of our successful track record, which highlights a 99.9% accuracy and detection rate. Hosting the delegation was a momentous honor and responsibility for AX. We are steadfast in our commitment to providing unwavering support to the South Korean delegation."

The Deputy Manager alongside the other members of the South Korean Delegation were profoundly impressed by the demonstration at the Sonoma County facility. As one of the REDCOM executives pointed out, "FireScout, a trusted solution for customers like Sonoma County, ensures round-the-clock early wildfire detection, even during the nighttime, a unique and exclusive feature of FireScout. This helps with facilitating rapid responses from first responders and potentially mitigating ecological and financial damage, while saving lives."

This visit marks an essential milestone in the ongoing collaboration between AX, Sonoma County, and our South Korean counterparts, with the primary objective of enhancing international cooperation in disaster management, focusing on wildfire detection, prevention and response strategies. This significant event underlines the global importance of wildfire management and disaster preparedness.

[Real-time monitoring through displays showing pertinent information,
with AX’s FireScout SaaS AI front and center, actively detecting a smoke plume in the distance.]



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Michael Plaksin
VP of Sales & Marketing, AX
(310) 503-9901