Alchera X Partnering with Mighty Fire Breaker To Protect TERI Campus of Life in Southern California

LOS ANGELES, California-- ALCHERA X, with its AI SaaS

FireScout, and Mighty Fire Breaker will join forces to protect the 20-acre TERI Campus of Life.

TERI, a San Diego-based nonprofit, has served people with developmental disabilities including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other diseases since 1980. Their Campus of Life is a decades-long vision of the founder, Cheryl Kilmer, to serve those people with developmental disabilities and be an integral part of the community, welcoming everyone to enjoy the recreation, fitness, dining, and entertainment experience.

When the 2003 and 2007 San Diego wildfires wreaked havoc on the San Diego County, TERI realized that they needed to take decisive action as the Campus is vulnerable to wildfires from three directions.

Ron Lovick, Director of Safety & Security, is collaborating with ALCHERA X and Mighty Fire Breaker to deploy CitrotechTM, the world's safest and most environmentally friendly fire chemistry. Lovick states, “We plan to deploy this system to protect our Equestrian Barn complex and the Merriam House (a historical landmark), and to safeguard all 12 buildings and property on our Campus.”

Michael Plaksin, ALCHERA X VP of Sales & Marketing, adds: “FireScout monitors over 15 miles around the Campus day or night in real time, using Infrared (IR) cameras. This is the only wildfire detection system that identifies smoke and fires 24/7/365. FireScout AI and Mighty Fire Breaker are leading the proactive wildfire detection and protection charge to save property and lives.”

The security provided by the Mighty Fire Breaker Wildfire Defense System and ALCHERA X's FireScout supports TERI Campus's objective of welcoming more children and people with disabilities who arrive by bus each day.

TERI Campus boards horses, engages in organic agriculture and farming, and provides technical training. “We believe in a world that looks at people with special needs and recognizes and respects their gifts and appreciates their humanity. Our plan is to create that kind of special environment at the Campus. When this becomes a reality, we all win,” said Cheryl Kilmer, TERI CEO and Founder.

FireScout currently is being used on over 1,000 cameras throughout the western United States. It is considered by several Fortune 500 companies as the de facto standard in AI for disaster prevention in wildfire management.

With the united efforts of TERI and ALCHERA X/FireScout, TERI’s environmentally friendly campus and proactive wildfire defense system sets a new standard in the insurance industry, reducing premiums for those who invest in true risk reduction.

Companies like Mighty Fire Breaker adhere to The National Fire Protection Association's established guidelines, proactively reducing risk to levels sufficient to enable insurers to provide coverage at reduced rates. The addition of FireScout AI early detection to the Mighty Firebreaker solution greatly enhances the system's overall effectiveness, which further reduces insurance risk. As a result of the greatly reduced insurance risk score, insurers are encouraged to write more policies for those who choose to employ proactive wildfire mitigation services.



Founded in 2016, ALCHERA X is an artificial intelligence software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that has developed award-winning proprietary technology in the areas of wildfire detection and SMART VIEWING. FireScout, the leader in wildfire detection SaaS, utilizes AI to provide wildfire detection in real time on a 24/7/365 basis. FireScout seamlessly integrates into existing camera/monitor systems. We offer the most informative, effective, and supportive user interface system in the market today. FireScout is presently being used on over 1,000 cameras throughout the western United States and is considered to be the de facto standard in AI for disaster prevention in wildfire management.


Michael Plaksin, VP of Sales & Marketing ALCHERA X
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