Alchera’s 2021 Rebranding Story

Ji Young Park

Ji Young Park

February 3, 2021

We’re excited to unveil our new logo and key values! Here is the long story of how Alchera got dressed up with a new corporate identity (CI).

Alchera has been on a journey for empowering industries that impact society, with a dream of making the world a better one using AI technology. Alchera’s existing logo was an image of a cloud, which symbolized ‘dream time’ with the letters ‘AI’ included as a star constellation. The main color also followed the slogan, “Make your AI dreams a reality”, with a clear sky-blue color representing the feeling of a ‘dream’.

We went through a lot of changes last year. The company expanded the business areas, grew, and were listed on KOSDAQ as the first image-recognition AI company to do so. In the end of this hectic year, we wanted some refreshment and preparation for next year’s take-off and to start this, improving and rebranding our company identity was a top priority.

So myself, who has been working in Alchera for nearly 4 years and a newly-joined designer who had a fresh perspective towards our brand identity, put our heads together to dress up Alchera with some new clothes.

“Simplicity”: Sometimes, less is more.

“Brand Color”: The brand colors represent the desired perception of the brand.

“Look&Feel”: First impression of the logo.

Alchera’s existing logo had a thin line and unnecessary elements that made the image unintuitive. We wanted to overcome this problem by considering “Simplicity” inside the design.

We changed the main brand color into a darker yet more vivid blue tone to give a more modern and confident feeling about the company.

Alchera’s new C.I
Alchera’s new color palette

Please check out Alchera’s core value behind our new look.

“Cooperation” — Four different sized circles symbolize the diversity of team and harmonizing together for achieving common goals.

“Transparency” — The intersections of each circle represent the transparency of each project and communicating through active feedback.

“Simplicity” — The most essential and simple shape, ‘circles’ are gathered into cloud symbols to feature our existing vision of ‘dream time’. This emphasizes the intuition of the logo’s look and feel.

Alchera is embarking on a new journey on 2021 with a new look and feel. Join us on a journey towards dream time, making a society a better place through AI technology.