Alchera Inc.’s Expos in March Recap

Hojip Jeon

April 1, 2021

April 1, 2021

First of all, thank you to everyone who visited our booth at the 2021 AI Expo and FireTech 2021 Expo! On March 24th to the 26th, our Data Science and SDK/API Team participated in the 2021 AI Expo held in COEX as exhibitors. Our AIIR Fire Team also had a booth in the FireTech 2021 Expo that was hosted online on March 25th by an Australian fire technology program called FireTech Connect.

2021 AI Expo
Data Science Team:

In 2016, Alchera Inc. created a new division called “Data Science” due to our increased expertise in Image Recognition technology and to be of better value to AI companies around the world. With a brand new homepage, we were able to approach customers and clients who desire our data services, and attending this year’s AI Expo helped us hear their voices along with feedback.

We had a diverse range of visitors at our booth from developers working on their own products to researchers interested in our data collection. However, our most popular inquiry was about the data vouchers that we attended the Expo to promote. Data vouchers allow customers to acquire our data at discounted prices.

Alchera Inc.’s Data Science and SDK/API teams’ booth


The SDK/API team’s purpose at the 2021 AI Expo was to promote our brand new Android Face SDK and Face Authentication API.
Our developers made the simple and high performing Android Face SDK so other developers can build their facial recognition apps quickly and precisely.

If you would like to learn more about either products, please visit our product page!
During the three days of the 2021 AI Expo, Alchera Inc.’s Data Science and SDK/API Team received over 1000 visitors and saw a 100% increase of Face Authentication API users.

Another product is our Face Authentication API, which is a cloud-based API that allows users to build and maintain a total facial recognition and authentication system. Click here to learn more.

Our Face SDK and Face Authentication API were popular during the 2021 AI Expo.

Check out the video below to see how we did at the 2021 AI Expo!

FireTech 2021 Expo

AIIR Fire Team:

Thank you so much to everyone who attended FireTech 2021 Expo on March 25th! It was inspiring to see so many dedicated people from government, academia, and business rallying around one of the world’s most pressing issues — wildfire. From early-stage wildfire detection technologies to fire-extinguishing drones, the FireTech Expo had it all.
Our main goal in attending was to showcase a live demo of our wildfire detection AI in use in Sonoma County. Thankfully, we had many interested visitors as well as a chance to present our solution directly to the live audience of first responders and policymakers in Australia.

Click here to see our wildfire detection AI in Sonoma county in action for yourself!

Alchera Inc.’s AIIR Fire Team also fielded many interesting questions about the detection speed, accuracy, and scalability among other questions. Some insightful questions and answers are as follows:

Who provides the cameras? Can you use any camera?
We can use any RGB image to detect the early stages if smoke if the images can be uploaded to a cloud server. In the United States, ALERT Wildfire is our camera partner and we are currently deployed over their network of 776+ cameras.

Do you use human filtering?
Currently, yes. 1 person can monitor 200+ cameras without issue due to the extremely low false-positive rate. So our solution is cost-effective, efficient, and scalable.

What is your accuracy rate?
Currently the false-positive rate is just 0.0008.

Does your system work in real-time?
Yes, if the data is provided in real-time. The whole process from fire detection to alert takes less than 1 minute.

Is there any environmental issue, such as a change in the landscape or the flatness?
No. Alchera’s algorithm is suitable to all environmental conditions and landscapes as long as the camera can see the smoke. In any case, the algorithms can always be updated where customization is needed.

While the next FireTech expo has not been set, we will definitely be attending future events! Please check for more info on upcoming events.

Alchera Inc.’s AIIR Fire team was one of the many exhibitors for the FireTech 2021 Expo.

We want to, again, thank everyone who attended and showed your interests in our products and services, whether it was Data Science, SDK/API, or AIIR Fire. We hope to see you and some new faces in future events!


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