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Since our establishment, Alchera’s AI has never stopped evolving. Our technology is what makes us
unique, and we aspire to bring forth the era of dreams by empowering people
with a friendly, smart, and trusted artificial intelligence.

Visual AI
Alchera’s core technology that allows computers to recognize and analyze any visual input through deep learning.
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AI Data
Alchera is a ‘Full-Stack” AI company that is capable of collecting and processing large volumes of new data.
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Applications Across Various Industries

Alchera is creating a giant ecosystem of visual AI by providing numerous solutions
across a large number of industries. Find out how you and your business might utilize AIIR
for a better outcome, and for a better future.

AIIR Scout
AIIR FireScout
    Alchera’s AI identity verification solution optimized for eKYC practices in the financial industry.
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  • AIIR Pass
    Alchera’s intelligent access management solution that recognizes faces of registered individuals from almost any device with a camera.
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  • AIIR Scout
    Alchera’s intelligent video analytics solution that recognizes both face and body to track and record real-time locations of a target.
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  • AIIR FireScout
    Alchera’s wildfire detection AI solution that detects early stages of smoke from a network of firewatch cameras day and night.
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