ALCHERA is a premier Visual Recognition AI Company
specializing in identifying people's faces and behaviors.

We Aim to Set the Standards for Early Detection to Save the Environment and Lives.

Face Analysis

Detects, extracts, and matches over 100 landmarks on the human face to reach a 99.9% accuracy in less than 1 second. Even while moving, SMART VIEWING automatically selects the best shot over the image sequences to maximize the accuracy of facial recognition. Discrimination between real images and fake images is also possible using liveness confirmation for authentication. For subject tracking, both frontal and rear views (of the person) can be recognized and tracked throughout the movements in any given location.

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Behavior Analysis

One of the final frontiers of image recognition is behavioral biometrics. SMART VIEWING can recognize human actions and behaviors based on a combination of multiple actions. This movement data is then translated into action commands for computers to execute and analyze, creating human activity recognition codes.

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Anomaly Analysis

Accuracy is the highest priority of SMART VIEWING anomaly detection, which has a less than 0.0011% False Acceptance Rate (FAR). Once an anomalous event has been recognized, SMART VIEWING sends alerts to all assigned endpoints to take action. SMART VIEWING continuously self-learns as it captures the peculiarities of the environment, in real-time. Multiple streaming, as well as offline analysis of video recordings functions, are part of the features also available.

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ALCHERA Provides AI Solutions to These Industries

AI Data

ALCHERA is one of the only true ‘Full-Stack’ AI companies that collects and
labels big data volumes at its Data Science centers in Korea and Vietnam.
ALCHERA Data Science ranks 1 in South East Asia in terms of accuracy and quality.

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