AI Access Management Solution

Make your access easier and

Quick, Easy and Secure Access with
Face Recognition

Secure and hygienic access management

Our touchless face recognition access control allows for simultaneous identification, temperature check, and mask detection showing a clear improvement on previous biometric access control solutions.

Face authentication access without forgery or theft

Our face recognition-based access solution provides an advance and secure access process compared to the existing card tagging method. Through face authentication, there
are no issues as losing an ID card or identity theft.

Convenient and easy to use dashboard

All the useful dashboard features are available on any modern device in real-time, for easy monitoring of all access logs.

AI Access Management Solution

AIIR Pass is an access management solution that uses face recognition to distinguish registered individuals from almost any device with a camera. With this cutting-edge access control solution powered by Alchera’s AI technology, corporates can improve their access control efficiency and maintain security without concerns over lost or copied security cards.


Flexibility and Performance with
Industry-leading AI

High performance face recognition

Enrich the user experience with the speed and accuracy of global top-performing face recognition.

Easy implementation

Implement to any operating system, edge-devices, camera, and gallery database, with no need for any additional installation.

Unlimited scalability with the cloud-based model

Add an unlimited number of users and edge devices to Alchera’s centralized cloud server.


Effortless Integration with the
Existing Devices and Networks

AIIR Pass manages every access through stand-alone devices and door interlocking. Through the continually updating AI engine server and the repeating process of deep learning, our solution provides the most up-to-date face recognition AI access and attendance management system using the existing hardware.

Key Features
    • View the status of individuals entering and exiting the facility.
    • Keep track of attendance with a total report for each individual.
    • Manage and calculate working hours with date and group settings by period.
    • Register a directory by simply uploading an excel file containing the desirable attributes.
    • Easily interlock with any type of gate or edge device.
Industry Usage

Access and Attendance Management Anytime, Anywhere

  • Provide a working hour log
  • Manage the work schedule for all individuals
  • Prevent unauthorized access of a construction site
  • Check arrival and attendance
  • Provide a log history
  • Prevent unauthorized access of classrooms
  • Track down AWOL students
  • Check arrival and attendance
  • Provide a log history
  • Maintain a working hour log
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Check employee arrival and attendance
  • Face recognition when checking in / out
  • Provide a visitor log
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Ensure access only by those on a safelist
  • Face recognition when checking in / out
  • Provide a log history
  • Provide identification check
  • Prevent unauthorized access
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