ALCHERA Introduces New Logo – Setting the Standards for Early Detection

ALCHERA, a global company specializing in Visual AI technology, unveiled its new logo (CI) on February 27th, 2023. The logo embodies ALCHERA's vision: To create a safer world through world-changing AI.

▲ New ALCHERA Logo


ALCHERA's new logo emphasizes ALCHERA's versatile AI technology -- which can be applied to areas such as environment, security, healthcare, and fintech -- with a harmonious mix of straight lines and curves. In addition, by omitting the former horizontal line from the letter "A" in “ALCHERA,” the logo reflects a forward movement toward a future-oriented goal.

ALCHERA has also unveiled a new motto, "AI-Prevention Is Better," underlining that prevention is key to a quick and effective response. ALCHERA is determined to set the standards for early detection to save the environment and lives. 

ALCHERA is strengthening security in the financial sector by providing identification solutions to banks, securities firms, and insurance companies with 99.99% accuracy within one second. ALCHERA is taking the lead in automating access management and integrated security.

Furthermore, ALCHERA plans to commercialize an indoor fire detection AI solution within the year. ALCHERA has proven 99% accuracy through FireScout, AI-based early wildfire detection SaaS actively used throughout California. FireScout’s technology will be applied to indoor fire detection and response in diverse field sites.

Young Hwang, CEO of ALCHERA, says, "There are endless areas where we can apply face analysis, behavior analysis, and anomaly analysis technologies. Heralded by the new logo, ALCHERA will introduce not only our indoor fire detection AI solution, but also AI technologies that will keep all of us safer in a number of fields. ALCHERA will present solutions that innovate our lives and support the health of our society through AI." 

ALCHERA, founded in 2016, established a Vietnamese corporation in 2018 and an American corporation, ALCHERA X, in 2020. ALCHERA was listed on the KOSDAQ in December 2020. After releasing FireScout and AIIR (Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition) in 2021, ALCHERA launched SMART VIEWING in January 2023.