Alchera Launches SMART VIEWING, the Latest in AI Innovation

Alchera, a company specializing in Visual AI under CEO Young Hwang, launched SMART VIEWING on January 16th, 2023, releasing related content via the website and online video.

‘SMART VIEWING’ is an umbrella term for Alchera's image recognition AI technology. It is an innovative AI concept that analyzes images in real time and solves problems by connecting AI with relevant devices. SMART VIEWING, created under Alchera’s mission "Detect & Protect," is a visionary program for making all devices smart. It is being applied in various industries through Alchera's core technologies.

SMART VIEWING is based on three of these core technologies: face recognition, behavior recognition, and anomaly detection. Alchera’s face recognition technology recognizes and analyzes facial patterns with 99.9% accuracy, making it number one in Korea’s market. Recently, Alchera's face recognition solution has been recognized for its premium technology in the U.S.: It passed iBeta's "Presentation Attack Detection (PAD)" test, certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Behavior recognition technology -- identifying and analyzing body movements through data -- provides top-tier human body recognition accuracy. Anomaly detection technology -- recognizing and detecting abnormal situations occurring in daily life -- boasts the highest level of recognition accuracy and an excellent false detection rate: less than 0.0011% in the field of wildfire detection. Alchera's early wildfire detection solution FireScout is already commercialized in the U.S. and is deployed to more than 300 CCTVs in California, providing forest fire recognition accuracy of more than 99%.

SMART VIEWING, based on these three AI technologies, is used in industries of four types: security, fintech, environment, and healthcare. In the security industry, people and property are protected via solutions that aid in access control and physical security management (such as office access control). In the fintech sector, SMART VIEWING supports safe and convenient financial transactions with advanced identity authentication solutions such as ID verification for major financial companies. 

SMART VIEWING also plays a role in areas related to a sustainable future: the environment and healthcare. 24-hour non-stop environmental monitoring, exemplified by Alchera’s wildfire detection solution FireScout, is contributing to environmental protection by enabling early detection of and response to wildfires. SMART VIEWING is poised for entry into the digital healthcare field, managing health assets by building video data related to individual health. Through the convergence and expansion of technology, SMART VIEWING will be applied to many more fields, contributing to human welfare and the betterment of society.

To illustrate its world-changing products in this launch, Alchera has released content such as concept videos, keynote videos, and interviews with executives and employees. Detailed and engaging information can be found on Alchera’s website and on its official YouTube channel.

Young Hwang, CEO of Alchera, says, "Alchera will continue to push R&D and advance technology through the steady investment so that SMART VIEWING can be used in increasingly diverse fields. We are confident that SMART VIEWING will innovate toward positive change in individual lives and society as a whole."