Make Your AI
Dreams a

With world-leading AI technology, Alchera seeks to
bring forth the era of dreams by brightening the
areas that humankind has not yet been able to reach.

AI for All

Technology exists for the good of humankind.
What role could AI play to fulfil such a purpose?

Friendly AI to help out with the various aspects of your daily life
Smart AI to revolutionize your business
Trusted AI to
provide protection for our society

With AI,
Alchera is creating the
world of your dreams.

Anytime, Anywhere with AIIR

As an abbreviation of “Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition,” AIIR is an umbrella brand for Alchera’s solutions and products based on our Visual AI. Sounding similar to “Air,” AIIR aims to be an indispensable brand that is available to anyone, anytime and anywhere.
Witness the future as it unfolds with AIIR.

The Way We Work


We cooperate with each other

Our dreams are so much closer when we reach for them together.


We share information.

Transparency increases efficiency at work and builds trust between people.


We focus on the essence.

The more we focus on this, the simpler everything becomes.

Going Global with AI

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